Best Cocktails in Dublin

At 4 Dame Lane, we curate a drinks menu that reflects the essence of Dublin’s vibrant spirit. Our menu is a carefully crafted journey through a world of flavours, showcasing expertly mixed cocktails, a wide selection of local and world beers, ciders, IPAs, and a vast array of Irish whiskey, gin, rum, vodka, and tequila.

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Our mixologists are more than bartenders; they’re artisans who pour their passion into every drink they create. From timeless classic cocktails to innovative concoctions that push the boundaries of flavour. Our cocktail menu is a testament to the creativity that defines Dublin’s vibrant nightlife.

Whether you’re in the mood for a timeless classic pornstar martini or fancy pushing the boundaries with our special 4 Dame Lane Punch, each sip is a journey here. We source the finest ingredients, infusing each cocktail with quality and authenticity that’s second to none.

In addition to our exquisite cocktails, we offer an exciting array of shooters to add a spirited twist to your night out. These vibrant, flavorful concoctions are perfect for those who seek a quick burst of excitement.

Spirits & Liqueurs

Our shelves are stocked with an extensive array of Irish whiskey, gin, rum, vodka, and tequila, each bottle telling its unique story. Whether you prefer a smooth aged whiskey, a fresh gin, or typical vodka, we have a spirit to satisfy your palate.

Our bar also has a range of global liqueurs and herbal spirits, offering a unique taste of the exotic.

Beers, Stouts, IPA’s & Ciders

We offer a diverse selection of beers, stouts, IPAs, and ciders to quench your thirst. Whether you’re a fan of the classic and creamy goodness of Guinness or you prefer the crisp, hoppy profile of an IPA, our bar has something to suit every beer lover’s taste.

Including local favourites like Smithwicks and Hop House, alongside staples like Heineken, Moretti, and Corona. We also offer a delightful range of ciders, including Orchards Thieves and Bulmers, perfect for those craving a sweeter sip.

Tasty Pub Grub In Dublin

At 4 Dame Lane, we believe that great drinks deserve equally delicious food. Our tasty pub grub menu in Dublin offers an array of mouthwatering dishes sourced directly from Griolladh.

Whether you’re stopping by for a quick snack or a full meal, our pub grub is the perfect accompaniment to your night out in Dublin. Come along today.

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