Latin Djs & Live Band – Wednesday


Alain Pezeron “DJ FRENCHY” – Ireland
Alain was born in Paris but his heart lies with Guadeloupe (French West-Indies) where he started dancing Zouk socially at an early age.
Alain discovered Salsa & Latin Music in 2006 and has since developed this passion by participating in many congresses and DJ-ing all salsa, Latin & Kizomba Music.
DJ Frenchy has played at many congresses including Mambo City congress – London, St Patrick Salsa congress – Dublin, Salsa Bonanza – Cork, Sexy and Sensual Latin festivals – Italy & London and other Clubs in Europe. He has also appeared in a Movie about Stepping, “Soul Steppers” shot in Philadelphia.
DJ Frenchy is now a resident DJ at 4 Dame Lane where you can enjoy the Athentic Latin Experience Every Wednesday.

Dave Keys – Thursday

Great Music = Great Night

Dave’s Philosophy – “Great music equals a great night…”. Hitting the club scene with mixes from his eternally expanding music collection, Dave just loves music and more importantly, he loves you loving the music. A veteran of 15 years on the turntables, Dave has done every gig for every music genre – no type is too cool or too cheesy. Spinning classics from The Stones to Bob Marley, from The Pixies to Florence, James Brown to Jack Black, and not forgetting all the latest club classics and charts. So get up on your feet and let the music move you!


DJ Flip – Friday

Hip-Hop, 80′s and more

DJ Flip, the Larry Mullen Jr. of hip-hop, first came in the public’s eye…er, no, make that, first came into the public’s eye…no, rather, first came into prominence in the public eye (there, that’s better) after scratching his way to the winner’s seat at the International Turntable Federation’s World Championship in 2003/2004. The “slash” between the years is still a mystery to everyone involved. Was it 2003 or 2004? The answer is lost to the ages. What everyone remembers is that an Irish kid touched his records while they were moving, and for some reason this was worthy of special recognition. So they called him the Scratching Champion…or something. It’s not like he got a crown. Some say it’s a meaningless title, like Miss Universe or Lieutenant Governor. You, gentle reader, might as well be ITF World Champion. It’s just that easy!

So there you have it…or do you? Obviously you don’t. Regardless, DJ Flip is here, and he’s a hundred and fifty percent in-your-face at all times. He says what he wants, when he wants, where he wants, to who he wants, and then he also says why he wants…uh, something, and sometimes he says how he wants it, as well. He covers the spectrum. He runs the whole gamut…or is it gauntlet? What’s the phrase again? I always think it’s the one, but it’s really the other…damn it! Well, never you mind, because DJ Flip certainly wouldn’t. He’d just keep scr-scr-scratchin’ and zigga-zag cuttin’ and reverse crab-hamstering, or whatever it is he does, and he would look up at you with those laughing Irish eyes, and he would smile. He would smile. FIND HIM ON FACEBOOK!


Goldy – Saturday

The Mixologist

A lot of Djs boast about size. Others boast about quality. Its rare to find a mixture of both. Goldy would put us all to shame. I’ve been to his home and mothers house, its difficult to explain how many records there were. But when you hear him play you’ll understand. Chris has supported everyone from Cash Money & Andy Smith to Daddy G and Morcheeba. His sets really are something special. Goldy is also half of the electronic duo Ufeari. Expect a new album from Ufeari on Psychonavigation Records towards the end of the year. Goldy destroysThe Beat Suite on Saturday nights. Mixes here on his MYSPACE


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